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Throughout North America thousands of shipper, trucking companies, brokers and independent owner operators post their trucks and loads to Truck Freight - will you benefit next?

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  • Free to post, post your truck or loads 24/7
  • Locate members looking for loads and trucks, make connections within the industry
  • Integrate with your web site and software systems
  • Online training and custom services
  • Post by email, FTP, web site, fax or over the phone
  • Free access to credit reports, rating and more
  • Free notification with trucks or loads become available

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Have a web site? Do you keep your loads in a spreadsheet? Do you email them out? We'll work with you for FREE to assist in integrating into our system, allowing you to seamlessly post your loads in real time with real time response.

If you have your loads available in Excell format, text format, FTP or need to fax them in, contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to get them in the system.


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